Reddy? Sock!? GO!

The duo is here to knock a sock off! The force behind BT! NFTs comes together to explore new expanses. Beyond the soul, body, and mind. Beyond nature. Beyond space and time. To the other side. We explore the strings and springs that make magnets work. We explore where the missing socks from the drier go. We explore where the fart no one claims came from. What’s sitting behind the singularity man? To get there, we’ll blindfold ourselves and walk in the opposite direction. Fuck flow, order, and ebbs! Embrace the chaos! The only place that truly makes sense is where there is no sense. It’s all nonsense. Coo coo cachoo! There never was a walrus man, that’s all made up.

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Atomic Hub:
Adrift – Our first RSG1 NFT! This one pays homage to our beginnings
Resist Current Voltage – This would for sure be our single if we were releasing in a traditional sense
Little Piggy’s Grand Adventure – This is a personal favorite
Orbital – Because it’s about orbs
Don’t Bother the Man in the Tub – He’s getting ready to paint the town red
Dreams V Memories – Where they meet, begin, and end